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Think about some of the most popular forms of dance. Well, when you think of it in terms of New York City, chances are you have the wrong picture painted. Legions of fist pumpers, break dancers, and raucous booty-shakers? Nope! Think again. New York City actually produces some of the best dancers that the nation has to offer - making it a hotbed for dance classes. When it comes to the beautiful and traditional form of dance only known as Tango, NYC really steps up its game. But with so many classes, sometime's it's a bit tough to decides which you'll attend, and which is actually worth your time - that's where NYCTangoClass.com comes in. Known as the #1 source on the web for Tango class events, deals and information, this is the only source you need to know to get your learn on. We pride ourselves in delivering fun, unique, and energetic learning environments that will be the essential path leading up to making you the best Tango dancer in the city!

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NYC Tango & Wine Tasting Class

NYC Tango & Wine Tasting Class

at Roy Arias Studios, New York

What's better than taking a dance class and learning new steps to the sexiest beats of tango? How about enjoying a great wine tasting while you're at it. The art of wine is one thing, but learning new steps to tango is an entirely different story. Here's your chance to put both into one...